The Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan is underway.  So that residents can follow its progress EHC has created a page on its website here:



The Examiner has concluded his work on the Much Hadham Neighbourhood Plan. In doing so, he considered all the representations to the Regulation 16 consultation conducted by EHC and other written submissions such as the Consultation Statement. He also made a detailed visit to the parish on a working day so that issues such as traffic and parking could be considered. 

He observed that public consultations were taken seriously by the parish council and were sufficient. He concluded the policies met the requirement to be in conformity with the district’s strategic planning policies. They do not constrain sustainable development, they comply with legislation to conserve habitats and species, preserve human rights and meet other legal requirements.

We are absolutely delighted that he has preserved all the areas proposed as Local Green Spaces, Priority Views and housing site allocations. Unusually, there are no significant modifications to the Plan, testimony to the thoroughness with which it was prepared over several years.  

The Examiner’s Final Report can be found here. The draft Neighbourhood Plan (which will be updated by EHC for the required modifications later in April 2022) and other documentation can also be found there.

The final public stage of this process to incorporate our local policies into the planning decisions taken by EHC will be a Yes / No referendum on a date to be determined.


The Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on 2 February 2021. The Plan will be submitted to East Herts Council under Regulation 15 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), together with the Basic Conditions Statement, the Consultation Statement and the Strategic Environmental Assessment. All these documents can be found here.


EHC will conduct a public consultation under Regulation 16. The Plan and consultation responses will be subject to an independent examination by a Planning Inspector under Regulation 17. Subject to any modifications made under Regulation 18, a referendum of the registered voters in the parish will take place. A simple majority of those voting to approve the Plan would see it become part of the development plan for the district until 2033.   



Barrister Timothy Jones from No.5 Chambers has been appointed to undertake the independent examination of the Much Hadham Neighbourhood Area Plan. He has issued Guidance and Directions, which can be found here

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Public meeting to discuss results of Sept/Oct 2019 consultation

The next public meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Team will be at at 7.30pm on Tuesday 26th November (Green Room, Much Hadham Village Hall).

The latest analysis of the responses of the 'Pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan Consultation' will be one of the Agenda items. 


The Pre-submission Consultation of the Neighbourhood Plan finished on 30th September 2019. The Steering Group will now consider all the responses, and modify the Neighbourhood Plan accordingly.  A public meeting will be held in due course to present the analysis of the responses.  Thank you to all of those who took the time to submit responses.


For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan process click here.  



At its meeting on 25 June 2019, the Parish Council confirmed that it would proceed to the Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) consultation. This is scheduled for 7 weeks from 12 August. Each household will receive a summary of the NP containing all the proposed policies and will be invited to submit comments either online or handwritten. Landowners and other statutory consultees will also be approached.

There is now a wealth of information on this site covering the earlier consultations and communications for residents to access. The draft of the pre-submission version of the neighbourhood plan will be added once it has been finalised as ready for printing, before the consultation period starts.


The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government recently issued a holding direction (11th September 2018) preventing EHC from adopting its District Plan. This was because of complaints about its intended incursions into the Green Belt. This meant that we had to put a hold on the Neighbourhood Plan for a while, because it relied heavily on the new District Plan being in force. 

Fortunately the Secretary of State has now lifted this holding direction (12th October 2018) , which means that it can hopefully go to EHC vote fairly soon. Adopting this would be an important step for the East Herts District, and for the Parish.

This is excellent news for the Neighbourhood Plan. It means that we should be able to proceed with our intention to hold the Regulation 14 (Pre-Submission) consultation, although there may be some delay in our original planned timescale.



Pre-Submission Consultation - resources and information

We're about to begin our Pre-Submission consultation.

This is a very important step for the Neighbourhood Plan so we would like all residents to give us their views on it.

The consultation will take place from 12th August to 30th September 2019.

  • For Neighbourhood Plan Process Summary click here

Key resources

*  A copy of this item, which includes a Response form, will be delivered to all homes and businesses by 12 August – please contact  if you do not receive it.

Want to know more?

There will be a drop-in session at the Much Hadham village hall between 1-4 pm on Saturday 14th September where residents can read copies of the full Neighbourhood Plan and discuss the plan with members of the steering group.

Residents can also find reference copies of the full plan at the following locations:

·       The Forge Museum café

·       East Herts Council Offices (Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8E)

·       Bishop’s Stortford Library

·       St Andrew’s church

·       Hopleys café

·       Ware library

·       The Bull Inn


On Thursday 14th June, at St Andrew's School Hall at 7.30pm, we held a Housing Sites Event.  This was a final check that we've not missed anything obvious before we draft the housing policies. 


We began with a Development Sites Presentation which was a presenter-led session starting with a brief reminder of the opportunities that the neighbourhood plan offers, followed by a full update on the significant changes to the portfolio of potential housing sites since we last consulted in September 2017.  

Attendees were then asked to spend about 10minutes in discussion groups, each group reviewing one of the sites.  The facilitator for each group then presented from the floor a brief summary of the discussion and any issues arising.  

This was followed by an open Q&A on the draft housing site policies and any other aspect of our neighbourhood plan.  


Click here for the Neighbourhood Plan report presented at the annual Parish Council meeting.

On Thursday 14th June, at St Andrew's School Hall at 7.30pm, we held a Housing Sites Event.  This was a final check that we've not missed anything obvious before we draft the housing policies. 



You can find an A4 version of the consultation event held on 17th September here.

On Thursday 14th June, at St Andrew's School Hall at 7.30pm, we held a Housing Sites Event.  This was a final check that we've not missed anything obvious before we draft the housing policies. 

We had a very successful consultation day in September 2017, during which we presented possible Development sites and a range of Environmental issues. This included possible 'Local Green Spaces' and 'priority Views'.  The results of this were presented to a crowded Public Meeting of MHNP on 17th October 2017, and can be found here.

On Thursday 14th June, at St Andrew's School Hall at 7.30pm, we held a Housing Sites Event.  This was a final check that we've not missed anything obvious before we draft the housing policies. 

We held a small display at the Village Fete in August 2016 (.doc file)


A summary of results for our public consultation event held in

June can be found here PCE 2016